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Making an API request billing framework

Its fairly common for a developer to build and API, its also hopefully common for them to add authentication to that API, but what about throttling, billing, permissions and charging for an API… enter my guide. Hopefully you find it… Continue Reading →

Jquery .mousedown() / trigger(‘mousedown’) not triggering the mouse down listener.

Why does lines and 7 and 8 not work, but lines 10-12 do?… mystery for now, but hopefully the code block above helps you get past the issue.

How to add a stroke to your text in cloudinary API.

Some example URL’s which have strokes below,l_text:Sacramento_50_stroke:The%20yoga%20pose%20you%20avoid%20the%20most%20you%20need%20the%20most./05d21216-6c20-49a2-b8c1-96bd29fc67c1.jpg The transformation object i sent was The key being in the overlay section you need the “stroke”: “stroke” and then a seperate section called border, which is where you define the overlay.

How I overcome my fear of releasing projects.

Throughout my life, I’ve had many, many side projects, Content Management systems, social networks, website builders, frameworks, various API’s and so on. 95% of them have one thing in common, they’re rotting in a private Repo somewhere. I literally have… Continue Reading →

The best way to schedule a huge number of tasks with Node and node-cron.

Part 1: Finding the limits of scheduling jobs with Cron and Node. Hopefully, this will be informational and not turn out to be the ramblings of a mad developer, it will either serve as a great case study or as… Continue Reading →

How to store large files for use in a web application?

It’s a common issue with web application architecture, you have a requirement to store and have access to large files, what’s the best way to do this? There’s three obvious routes to go down Store the file in a filesystem… Continue Reading →

Installing brain.js

If you get an error like “Install Error: Can’t find Python executable”, you may need to install windows build tools, the command to run is npm –add-python-to-path=’true’ –debug install –global windows-build-tools You may then hit some issues with TSLint and… Continue Reading →

writeFile, createWriteStream + writing to .json causes node crash

When using the fs module to write to files, sometimes you’re going to write to a JSON file. const contentStream = fs.createWriteStream(            “./src/utilities/corpus/corpora/” + fileName + “.txt”,            {flags: “a”}        ); or fs.writeFile(     “./src/utilities/corpus/corpora/” + fileName + “-master.json”     , JSON.stringify(masterList)     , (err) => {          if (err) { throw err; }         console.log(“Data written to file”);     }); I’ve found that this can cause what seems like node to crash out… Continue Reading →

graphQL cache

There are a few schools of thought on this graphQL as an api gateway, meaning you can leaverage the restful http cache… but you have to build a restful api too cache at the resolver level, which could be done… Continue Reading →

GraphQL basics

This is my introduction to graphQL, and at the moment just a dump of working code

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