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Jquery .mousedown() / trigger(‘mousedown’) not triggering the mouse down listener.

Why does lines and 7 and 8 not work, but lines 10-12 do?… mystery for now, but hopefully the code block above helps you get past the issue.

How to add a stroke to your text in cloudinary API.

Some example URL’s which have strokes below,l_text:Sacramento_50_stroke:The%20yoga%20pose%20you%20avoid%20the%20most%20you%20need%20the%20most./05d21216-6c20-49a2-b8c1-96bd29fc67c1.jpg The transformation object i sent was The key being in the overlay section you need the “stroke”: “stroke” and then a seperate section called border, which is where you define the overlay.

How I overcome my fear of releasing projects.

Throughout my life, I’ve had many, many side projects, Content Management systems, social networks, website builders, frameworks, various API’s and so on. 95% of them have one thing in common, they’re rotting in a private Repo somewhere. I literally have… Continue Reading →

The best way to schedule a huge number of tasks with Node and node-cron.

Part 1: Finding the limits of scheduling jobs with Cron and Node. Hopefully, this will be informational and not turn out to be the ramblings of a mad developer, it will either serve as a great case study or as… Continue Reading →

How to store large files for use in a web application?

It’s a common issue with web application architecture, you have a requirement to store and have access to large files, what’s the best way to do this? There’s three obvious routes to go down Store the file in a filesystem… Continue Reading →

Installing brain.js

If you get an error like “Install Error: Can’t find Python executable”, you may need to install windows build tools, the command to run is npm –add-python-to-path=’true’ –debug install –global windows-build-tools You may then hit some issues with TSLint and… Continue Reading →

writeFile, createWriteStream + writing to .json causes node crash

When using the fs module to write to files, sometimes you’re going to write to a JSON file. const contentStream = fs.createWriteStream(            “./src/utilities/corpus/corpora/” + fileName + “.txt”,            {flags: “a”}        ); or fs.writeFile(     “./src/utilities/corpus/corpora/” + fileName + “-master.json”     , JSON.stringify(masterList)     , (err) => {          if (err) { throw err; }         console.log(“Data written to file”);     }); I’ve found that this can cause what seems like node to crash out… Continue Reading →

graphQL cache

There are a few schools of thought on this graphQL as an api gateway, meaning you can leaverage the restful http cache… but you have to build a restful api too cache at the resolver level, which could be done… Continue Reading →

GraphQL basics

This is my introduction to graphQL, and at the moment just a dump of working code

Webpack, Bootstrap/Reactstrap and CSS Modules harmony

Seeing a few debates and helping a few people with this subject, I thought I would put my 2 cents onto digital paper. So to me, the problem starts because you want the speed and robustness that bootstrap offers, but… Continue Reading →

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